The Congregation of Churches is an Association of Churches, Ministries
and Christian Busineses.

We are a resource for Churches, Ministries and Ministers publishing the gospel. We can help you to develop technologies that can help you to merge ministry into the marketplace.

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The Cell Group Conference Call & Broadcast

A International Non-denominational
Christian Ministry,
which meets bi-weekly, within our virtual
Tele-Conference Call Center” to empower and encourage the body of Christ. 

Join us Saturdays @ 11AM or Wednesdays @ 8PM
Simply Dial 877-217-7452,  
NO Access Code Required! 

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Online Theological Training

Our online theological training program is a nondenominational Christian school designed to offer theological instruction to
students and partners
in a manner that is practical and
easy to understand.

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Website Development Ministry

Our website development ministry specializes in designing creative websites that will intersect with your vision. Your website can contain Images, Contact Forms, Audio and Video.


Mentoring And Discipleship 

If you’re without a Church family or Pastor and are interested in an accountability relationship with this ministry or a ministry in your area.
We can help!  Learn More! 1-800-594-0691

Evangelism For Your Church

Your Church team can be equipped to effectively publish the gospel and administer the healing power of God to the sick within your church and throughout your city.Schedule Evangelism Training at your church, today. To schedule Evangelist and Pastor Derick E Wilkes, Click Here! .

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