Derick E. Wilkes, Founder

Founded By The Congregation of Churches ... The Cell Group Ministry Partnerships Conference Calls and Broadcast meets
bi-weekly, within our virtual Tele-Conference Call Center” to empower, encourage and edify the body of Christ. This is not
an ONLINE CHURCH, but, instead a Church with an online presence. Join Pastor Derick E Wilkes, Prophet Natalie A. W. Wilkes
and Pastor Roderick kendrick for the Cell Group Ministry Partnership Conference Call and Broadcast ... each Thursday @ 9PM
and on Sundays @ 9AM. All calls are Eastern Standard Times. Simply dial into our virtual call center. NO Access Codes required.
Approx 17 Minutes. Infact, if you'd register as a partner, we'll program your number into our system and then our system will
call you whenever a conference call begins.