Good Day Partners:

The Lord has been speaking with us recently about Total Faith Immersion.

Total Faith Immersion brings about an overflow of faith in the life of the believer as he or she immerses themselves in the word of God. 

We've developed conferences under the same title. 

Total Faith Immersion Ministry Conferences will be held each year in the Philadelphia area allowing Christians worldwide to partake of great teaching and preaching through a host of speakers invited to impart annually.

Join us in developing these conferences with your financial support and prayers.

As we have always done, we intend to keep the vision before you, as we receive it in prayer. 

We’ve also established the Cell Group Partnerships, in an effort to extend ministry to you throughout the world. Join us weekly via our conference calls. Find out more on our ministries webpage.

Natalie & I value your faith in us and your partnership in ministry.  

Derick E Wilkes
Congregation of Churches
P. O. Box 42848,
Philadelphia, PA. 19101

Partner with us on some of our upcoming projects listed below:

Faith Project #1 - New ministry teaching tools for those who have need for them. Theological Workbooks and a mixture of other types of Christian Inspirational puiblications. ranging from economics, faith and healing. (Our Goal 500 addtl. books), $2,000

Faith Project #2 - The Cell Group Ministry Partnerships. We desire to create a host of CGMPA's throughout the USA and your consistent financial help of any amount is greatly appreciated. 

Faith Projects